Download and Install Gapps for LineageOS ROM

As you may already know by now, CyanogenMod is dead and LineageOS is here! All services including Cyanogen nightly builds for all supported devices will no longer be issued. Fortunately, the CyanogenMod team has decided not to crush the dreams of thousands of users and is going to develop a new operating system called LineageOS based on CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod ROM has been and is still one of the most popular and feature-rich ROMs for Android. Many users rely on the CM ROM to upgrade their smartphones/tablets to the latest version of Android operating system. When OEM no longer supports a device, users can install CyanogenMod ROM to get the latest version of Android running on their devices.

lineage os gapps download

Lineage OS will be a continuation of CyanogenMod, although it will be a little different. Since CyanogenMod has an active developer community, new nightly builds will keep coming. Apart from that, anyone can use its source code.

The CM team realized that a lot of users want the CM to have the latest Android update for their devices and so they created a new operating system called LineageOS.

Download Gapps for LineageOS ROM

When you install LineageOS on your Android device, always download Gapps package beforehand. Below are the Google applications (Gapps) that are compatible with the new operating system – Lineage OS.

ARMARM 64X86X86-64

We would like to inform you that Lineage OS requires help from developers. So if you are well versed with Android ROMs, we encourage you to participate in this new project.

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