How to Install Lineage OS using TWRP Recovery

Today we will learn how to install the new operating system LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod) using the most popular recovery TWRP. The method has not changed much, if we compare it with the installation of CyanogenMod.

lineage os twrp

Created in 2009, CyanogenMod is what is called a custom ROM. Its creator, Steve Kondik, used an Android base and added many features. Among them, we find custom themes , root access and the possibility of overclocking.

The first version was running Android 1.5 Eclair. The project soon became very popular with the community and a team quickly formed to take it even further. A big advantage of this ROM is that it is open-source, so anyone can use all or a part of its code. Thus, over the years, many alternatives ROM based on CM (the abbreviation for CyanogenMod) have emerged.

Follow the how-to tutorial below.

Lineage OS Requirements

  • Unlocked bootoader
  • TWRP custom recovery
  • PC
  • Nandroid Backup (optional but recommended)
  • Fully charged battery

Install LineageOS with TWRP [Tutorial]

Step 1 Download Lineage OS and Gapps. Transfer Lineageos ROM and Gapps package to the internal memory of your device.

Step 2 Boot your device into TWRP recovery.

Step 3 Select “Wipe” from the main menu of the TWRP recovery and then select “Swipe to factory reset” option on the bottom of the screen. This step will reset the device as it is shipped from the factory. If the custom ROM does not require a factory reset, you can simply skip this step.

Step 4 Go back to TWRP recovery’s main menu, tap on “Install” and select the Lineage OS ROM .zip file you downloaded and transferred to your device’s memory in Step 1.

install lineage os twrp

Step 5 Once you have selected the .zip file, select “Swipe to confirm Flash” option at the bottom of the screen, to start the process of installing the Lineage OS custom ROM. This will take some time so be patient.

Step 6 Once the ROM is installed successfully, you must repeat the process already done in step 4. However, this time around you need to install Gapps package you transferred to internal memory in Step 1.

install lineage os with recovery

Step 7 Once the installation is finished you will get a “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” option. Select it and perform “Swipe to clean” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8 Once you have finished wiping the Cache and Dalvik cache, press the “Back” button on the screen and then select “Reboot System” button.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Lineage OS ROM using TWRP recovery.

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